• 381. carrot and apple nut bread

    March 9, 2014mayurisjikoni

    nutty flavour I don’t know how I bought carrots twice during my last visit to the market. When I was emptying the basket out, I realized I bought carrots twice from different sellers! How was that possible… don’t know. So this week has been pretty carroty… carrot salad, grated carrot in dangella, carrot juice. The last few I used for making a nice tea bread. I had invited my friends over to our beach studio apartment and she said that they would have coffee with us. Initially I had planned to make some dessert but since coffee was the plan, I decided to bake a tea bread which I hadn’t done in a long time. I am glad I baked this bread because it turned…

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  • 198. eggless banana walnut bread

    November 20, 2012mayurisjikoni

    Over ripe bananas!  I love banana bread and whenever there are a couple of over ripe bananas, its baking time for me. I have made it umpteen number of times but the egg version. Nunu, my mother in law loves banana bread but I had to find an egg less version. The hunt began on the cyberspace and somehow the recipe by 4th sense cooking seemed the right one. And lo behold it was the one! It turned out perfect the first time and after that I made some and sent it off with Ajay all the way to India for Nunu. I love the texture, the colour and obviously the taste. All food fanatics, visit 4th sense cooking.com for exciting photos and recipes. The…

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