• 428. savoury rose rolls (eggless)

    August 12, 2014mayurisjikoni

    baking and some more baking Just a few days after I had made the pesto braided bread and patted my back 🙂 and Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen comes up with the August We Knead to Bake challenge…. a savoury filled bread and the bread had to be decorative. Couldn’t do the Russian Braid again so the earnest hunt began for a decorative bread. The first place I hunted was my book marked and saved recipes and lo behold came across rose buns to try from Fauzia’s Kitchen Fun. More than the filling what caught my eye was the shape. I searched for other decorative shapes but the rose rolls were stuck in my head. So one more bookmarked recipe or rather technique over and…

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