• Mini Vada Pav

    December 30, 2019mayurisjikoni

    EVENT: FOODIEMONDAY/BLOGHOP THEME: #227 PARTY STARTERS What are Party Starters? Have you heard of the saying “First Impression is the Last Impression?” Well, no wonder the first course at any party or as they call them starters or appetizers are usually the best taste wise, presentation wise, appealing to the eyes and taste all at once. Also known as finger food, party starters are usually small, can be eaten without in a couple of bites and some can be eaten with your hand. From simple chips with dips to elaborate and most expensive white truffle and gold mini pizza. When are party starters, appetizers or finger food served? Usually served during a sit down meal or at large parties. Sometimes parties like cocktail parties or…

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  • 279.ladi pav/ pav/ indian bread rolls

    May 31, 2013mayurisjikoni

    Soft as a pillow Pav or ladi pav is nothing but the Indian name for white bread rolls. These roll are not exactly round, they appear a bit squarish and therefore the name ladi, meaning slab. Pav is used widely in most homes and by fast food outlets. Its used for the pav bhaji, vada pav, egg buns, or served with any curry etc. I love toasting the pav with a dollop of butter or ghee on a pan or tawa and having it with hot masala tea. The bun is toasted  with the cut side on the pan,till it is slightly brown and crispy. So you have a soft top but a crunchy bottom. Yummy. Most ready pavs sold in India are sickly sweet.…

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