• 409.eggless Hungarian kipfels

    June 30, 2014mayurisjikoni

    Confused?     It is stated in the Oxford food and nutrition dictionary that kipfel, kipferl (plural kipfels) were invented by  bakers in Vienna to celebrate the lifting of the siege of Vienna in 1683. They were made in the shape of a crescent. Kipfels (kip-fuhls) are rich buttery yeast pastries filled with lekvar and topped with sugar and nuts. Lekvar is usually made from prunes, peaches or apricots. Its like thick fruit jam or butter..It is claimed that Kipfel is the ancestor of the croissant. Kipfel is the German term for crescent. After that many versions of the kipfels spread around to different parts of Europe.The variations depended on what filling was used or what topping was used. From the little research available on…

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