• 668. Challah Bread#BreadBakers

    July 11, 2017mayurisjikoni

    Simply Fun The Bread Baker group theme for July was set by Gayathri who blogs at Gayathri’s Cook Spot. She suggested braided bread as the theme. Braided breads are a work of art by many professional bakers. Some are simple and some are so elaborate. However, they do look beautiful if perfectly mastered. Before I go into my braided bread, I must mention that Gayathri is a wonderful baker. Mostly all her bakes are without eggs and she has also experimented baking using aqua faba. Visit her blog for eggless baking recipes and tips. Coming to braided bread, its surprising that I’ve not tried many braided breads. I’ve baked a braided pesto bread and Italian Easter bread only. So doing another braided bread was an interesting…

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