• 559. Bulochki (Russian sweet yeast rolls)

    May 10, 2016mayurisjikoni

    BULOCHKI#BREADBAKERS  Appetite comes at mealtime – Russian Proverb      #Breadbakers theme for the month of May 2016 was decided by Deepti of Baking Yummies. She suggested that we bake rolls. It took me a whole week to decide whether I wanted to bake some sweet or savoury rolls. My sweet tooth ruled and I decided to bake sweet rolls, Bulochki. While most bakeries use the term rolls and buns as they wish, the general rule is that rolls are usually stuffed or rolled with a sweet or savoury filling whereas buns are generally plain and not filled. However, there are no strict rules. Hard crusted breads are included in rolls like French rolls or Kaiser rolls whereas Hot Cross Buns are classified as buns.…

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