• 678. Breakfast Tarts

    August 14, 2017mayurisjikoni

    An Arty City – Montreal Street Art or Graffiti though mostly not legal in many countries, is art that is much appreciated by all. Its visual art created in public locations or places. Usually found on walls of buildings, sides of the highways, streets etc, usually in places where passers by can see it. It started as a form or way of expressing views on different matters to the public in general. Initially most artists used spray cans but today other medias are used like mosaic, stencil art, LED art, stickers, Lock ons (sculptures are attached to public furniture), wheat pasting used to make collages and papier mache. When you walk around Montreal City you will notice some sort of creativity be it paintings on…

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  • 462. Pineapple tarts/ tart nenas

    December 15, 2014mayurisjikoni

    dainty and delightful  When Niloufer Riyas, a fellow member of the Home Bakers Challenge Group, gave us exciting Malaysian bake recipes, I got excited seeing the first recipe itself. I browsed through the others and my mind kept on going back to the first one which is pineapple tarts. The picture posted on rasa malaysia looked so cute, dainty and tempting. As I read through the recipe, I thought ‘oh no do I really have the time to make the jam?’ I was looking for easier options… that is at the other recipes. I liked the suji cookies, but didn’t want to add artificial colours, thought of the bread but was not too keen on the caramel kaya. So went back to the original idea.…

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