• 542.Sweet Potato Brownies

    February 29, 2016mayurisjikoni

    something different What are brownies? No I’m not talking about the girl guides who are between the ages of seven to ten and called Brownies. I wonder if they still have brownies and girl guides in schools? I was a brownie and a girl guide when I was in school. No, my post is not on girl guides and brownies, but the brownies from the cookery world.  Brownies is a baked flat dessert that became popular in US and Canada during the first half of the 20th century.Depending on the density, it can be cakey or fudgy. They are made with chocolate, either melted chocolate or powder or both with nuts and sometimes dried fruits added to it. You can have a brownie either with…

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  • 484.Extra nutty dark chocolate fudge brownies

    March 14, 2015mayurisjikoni

    Still catching up!    Yes I am still working on the backlogged recipes. Sometimes I get the feeling in my over enthusiasm have I joined too many groups? Maybe but don’t feel backing out of any. They all offer different challenges.The baking eggless group was back in February after a short break. I couldn’t do the Feb challenge but made the March one. The brownies are extra chocolatey, loaded with nuts and so delicious. The brownies turned baked well, and just as I turn it out onto the wire rack, the glass tray in which I had baked it fell and broke! The baking tray belonged to my mother in law and have been using it for over 32 years! Did feel bad. I found…

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  • 148. Eggless Brownies

    August 15, 2012mayurisjikoni

     Happy birthday Prina dear!            I know Prina’s birthday was on 11th of August and I also know she doesn’t like cakes. Its amazing how she will always insist on having a cake for her birthday but she wouldn’t eat any. However there a still a lot of things she is finicky about eating or even trying and some of her favourite things neither will I taste or make them…. chicken being one of them. Where vegetarian meals are concerned her favourite is suva or palak bhaji nu shaak and rotli. Perhaps at some stage will even blog her favourite shaak so that all her young cousins and aunts will learn how to make it. So as I had mentioned earlier,…

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